Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Hairlista.Inc Castor oil challenge update

Castor oil challenge Over


The Castor oil challenge is over and i enjoyed every bit of it i took better care of my hair and am sure will love the results. I'm still in a protective style so I'll be doing my length check after I take my hair down, but I've seen a lot of growth from my braids so I'm pretty excited!!!! I love this challenge. Will keep you posted

Curly Eva......xxxx

Hi Ladies

Hope you are all good and taking great care of our hair. What a Wednesday i had, feeling drained been very busy trying to get the store going its really some hard work. Anyway that still doesnt distract me from my long term goal GROWING MY HAIR long, strong and healthy yep!!!!. No pain No gain.

Anyway today is day number 5 on the Castor oil challenge and i am using my JBCO sparingly daily evenings only, especially now that i still have my weave in. Its a good start to the challenge and hope i can keep this momentum going till the 28th of December 2013 I am hoping to remove this sew -in on Saturday which is round about 8 weeks post and 6 weeks with the sew in. I feel my scalp is dirty and need to clean and deep condition properly, not that i am not doing it properly but i minimize the amount of product going into my hair to prevent build up. I am still thinking of my next protective style not too sure what to have put in but braids are number one on the list actually twists those i can keep in for 8 weeks tops. Will definately have some pics up to show my progress i can definately feel the growth when i moisturize and seal.

Till the weekend

Happy hair Growing

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