Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Hair decisions

Hi everyone

Yes i know still no pictures or hair updates i am really sorry still busy thought things would have settled and slowed down a bit but it never gets better am still busy all the way. I did get a few minutes to share some news i am about 6 months post relaxer going onto seven and loving my new growth so much. I am not transitioning back to natural yet but i have been trimming those thin ends that look ridiculously hungry and thirsty all the time doing these trims every 6-8 weeks in between my protective styling routine. I am loving the thickness and healthy looking mane i have so far and hoping i can keep my hair this way for a while. I have been thinking of texlaxing but because i am managing my two textures the texlaxed and the new growth pretty well i might just get to a year without using my favourite creamy crack. The only creamy stuff going onto my hair are my deep conditioners, leave ins and moisturizers.

Protective styling surely is a life saver when you are on a realaxer holiday hopefully i will extend this vacation for another year and then maybe i will have decided on what i am going to do. And yes i am going to strt posting the promised updates and pictures.

Curly Eva

Thursday, 4 February 2016

FINALLY i am back

A Happy belated 2016 to you all. 

Its been a loooonnnng time since i have updated my blog or even updated my hair sob sob.
but am surely glad to be back now. the last couple of months have really been hectic. Family, business, personals you name it.

Hoping your hair journeys have been fantabulous so far., as compared to mine, well i have been looking after my hair setbacks here and there, doing the mininmum, doing the maximum having tried new products and relaxers as well and then eventually protective styling which i am loving. Now i am loving protective styling have had a few in the past months that i keep in for 6-8 weeks at most then my hair is on a two week break then install another one. Protective styling surely saves on time especially when facing hectic schedules all the time and i love the hassle free hair regimens too.

Will have updated posts in the coming weeks hopefully with pics too as to what i have been doing to my hair and how i have been managing the setbacks i have had, my new products reviews, and the temptation to big chop, go natural etc yes i have been down that road too many times.

Feels great to be back and you will be seeing more of me


Curly Eva....xoxo

Tuesday, 12 May 2015


Hello ladies!!!

I have been MIA on the hair updates scene. Been busy with 'life issues' but I'm back and glad to say I have been looking after my hair. Hope you and your hair journeys have been going well not forgetting the main goal is to have healthy hair.

March marked my 2 YEAR HAIR-VERSARY and I am beyond amazed at how far I have come in such a short period of time.  I started out my hair journey with unhealthy thin bone-straight breaking relaxed hair that was a little neck  length. Today I still relax, but NOT bone straight. I now texlax My hair is at bsb length below shoulder blade  and I am well on my way to hopefully reaching my goal length of bra strap  length hair.  I have learned so much about what it takes to grow and maintain healthy hair from those that have successfully completed their own hair journeys.  Great reads are Grow It by Chicoro, and The Science of Black hair by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy.  I think it was so beneficial early on to gain knowledge and inspiration from ladies on the long hair care hair boards. One of the best is (also know as Keep it Simple Sista), Hairlista and Grow African hair long.  I always say the best thing you can do for your hair is to educate yourself on healthy hair care! Learn what products you need to avoid, what styles to avoid and mechanical devices cause damage to hair. Learn how CRITICAL the moisture content of your hair is.  Once you realize the impact this has on the health of your hair, dropping certain practices and adding new ones to your regimen will become a no-brainer. Today I LOVE my hair and I NEVER thought I would be able to utter the words.  If I can grow my hair long and strong ANYBODY can.  I always thought long healthy relaxed hair was unattainable if you have had short damaged hair all your life like I did.  This simply is not true.  If you are displeased with the health and condition of your hair, relaxed or natural, take an active approach in caring for it yourself.  If that means ditching your hair dresser then so be it! Black women's hair was made to grow to great lengths just as women's hair of any other race.  I have posted Pics of my progress over the past two years.  I hope you will find it inspiring and proof that educating yourself will allow you to achieve anything : ) 

 I eventually texlaxed my hair 4 weeks ago at 15 weeks post relaxer, 2 weeks ahead of schedule I could not keep up with my new growth as I had braids In for 8 weeks. I had attempted to stretch my relaxer which went well for a while but at 15 weeks, the tangles were becoming too much to handle I am currently 1 month post relaxer and enjoying the texture my hair has. I have a started on my winter regimen. Cornrows, wigging green house effect deep conditioning weekly and moisturizing and sealing effectively. I am grazing bra strap length now. If you are going to attempt to stretch your relaxers, its best to start slowly to give you time to adjust and learn how to handle it. You can start by adding a week or two for every stretch. Look out for a post on the benefits of stretching relaxers coming soon.

Happy Growing!


Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Mini Hair Update and 2015 Hair Challenges

Hello Beauties

Yes i am back, i know i have been AWOL but its for a good reason am going through a business transformation. Online Store plus Hair care salon. I think its the best decision i have made so far in my career. I love being an entrepreneur and being obsessed with my hair and job lol.

Anyway lets talk about hair related stuff, what have i been up to lately besides being as busy as a bee. Washdays have been a breeze so much that i wish i would not have new growth at all naaaahhh lies i love that coily hair. been living on bantu knot outs, bunning and wigging but got tired of seeing my hair and decided to get braids i got some Senegalese twists installed and and loving how light they feel. The ones i got installed this time around are a bit thinner than the ones i usually get, besides its just too hot and i would like to go 8 weeks with them in. Otherwise my regimen stays the same just trying to minimize on my oils there are too many now, from EVOO, EVCO, JBCO, Jojoba oil, Grapessed oil, Sweet Almond oil, Baobab oil, Neem oil, the list goes on yes and the essential oils too. I have decided to stick to a few for the challenges that i joined for 2015 mainly the JBCO, EVCO, Baobab oil and Jojoba oil.

I am going to enjoy these braids as always have lots of fun with styling them and am learning to use scarfs too will post pics on braids hairstyles this time around. As usual my staple braid spray African Pride braid spray and oils will be key and also my new addition to the staple family Manetabolism hair vitamins i have 2 bottles on hand for the 8 weeks in braids.

 products for Braids Regimen:

  my current protective style Senegalese Twists round 1:
 My Bantu knot out:


hugs n kisses

Monday, 5 January 2015

Happy New Year ,Texlax No. 4 update & 2015 Hair goals

Hello Beauties

WHOOOOOAAAH. Happy new year to you all and your families hope you all had amazing holidays and got time to relax. We thank God for 2014 and making all things possible and, Now that 2015 is here its a brand new year and new beginnings we pray that he continues to guide us.

I finally relaxed my hair myself on the 1st of January new years day at 17 weeks post, and i was really excited to see if i had reached my goal of bsl and sadly i havent i lost that one but guess what i did gain a lot of thickness and my hair is stronger healthier hair goal of 2014 achieved 100%. I will get there soon just 1 more inch hoping i dont get a set back. So this time around i decided to use a different relaxer used the ORS HAIRepair no lye relaxer system normal. I should say i really liked this relaxer it did not relax my hair bone straight. How i did my relaxer prep is i used Tomes edition method for relaxer day prep image below:

then on the one day before relaxer i detangled my hair the night before and put extra virgin olive oil on the hair ends avoiding the roots. I put my hair in twists then wore my wig and celebrated into the new year.

Relaxer steps:

1. I began applying my relaxer from the back working my way towards the top and front of my head.
2. i kept it in for abt 13 - 15 minutes which i was hoping for and washed out the relaxer thoroughly i prefer to use the shower when rinsing out my relaxer.
3. I applied Aphogee 2 min Recontructor for about 5 minutes to add some strength to my strands.
4. Rinsed out the Aphogee 2 minute reconstrutor then applied my deep conditioning treatment a mixture of
Queen Helene Cholesterol and ORS Olive Oil Hair Masque for 20 mins under my heat cap.
5. Rinsed out deep conditioner and wrapped my hair in my old tshirt for about 30 minutes
6. Applied my leave in conditioners Aphogee Keratin and green tea restructurizer and Giovanni direct leave in weightless weightless moisture conditioner.
7. This time around i decided to air dry my hair i did not even use my bonnet dryer attachment am now scared of heat, let alone the thought of flat ironing freaked me out.
8. I decided to blow dry my hair a few days later for a length check which the results told me i m officially full APL .

Now on to 2015 healthy hair goals:
I'm ready to take my hair care even more seriously and watch my hair thrive.  

Here are my hair goals:
1. Moisturize and seal daily
2.Use tea or coffee rinses with each wash Do regular protein treatments   
3.Exercise and Eat healthy and incorporate more greens, lentils and less fat!
4. Drink lots of water throughout the year
5. Low Manipuation hairstyles mainly wigging combs on washday only
6. Reach Bsl and then maintain healthy hair

What are your hair goals for 2015 ? 

Happy New Year Lovelies,

Happy hair growing

Lotsa love 

Friday, 19 December 2014

Hair update & Washday catch up

Hi Lovelies How you all doing? Yep i went off from my usual blogging routine but now i m back. Had an interesting hair meetup turnout was not as expected as this was a first event of its kind in Harare, am sure next one will be way better. Thank you to all the ladies who managed to attend and help out you are all stars.


I have been enjoying my hair especially the new growth, its amazing soooo amazing, its about 3 and 1/2 inches and i have decided to stretch to about 18 or 20 weeks post because i have not suffered any breakage and i am 16 weeks post relaxer. Am sure will relax early into the new year and be able to also set my 2015 healthy hair goals and length goals.I am full Arm pit length now and was hoping to be Bra Strap Length by December 2014 but i am now in a protective style to help me stretch for longer so will only give an update and length check in January after my relaxer touch up. Started taking hair vitamins have tried Manetabolism and Maxi hair but i think Manetabolism is better than Maxi Hair will do a separate post on my hair vitamins and give a detailed review. The past 2 washdays have been amazing actually 3 i did a midweek cowash too. Hadnt been cowashing of late i have thought of bringing it back into my regimen. My washday routine has been the same except the products i used to deep condition my hair with. The first weekend washday was

The Wash Day Experience

Protein ORS Hair Mayonnaise and the second was moisture Queen Helene Cholesterol, the third was a balance of the two protein deep conditioning ORS Replenishing conditioner followed by a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment Queen Helene cholesterol. I have been using heat when i deep condition this has helped maintain very soft new growth and stronger hair. The main thing that i have been focusing on is keeping the line of demarcation (where the new growth meets the old relaxed hair) moisturized to prevent breakage. i have been doing my daily scalp massages with my oil mix of Coconut oil, Castor oil, Olive oil and a few drops of Rosemary and peppermint essential oils. Moisturizing with Scurl no drip for the growth, Elasta QP Olive oil and Mango Butter or ORS moisturizing hair Lotion on days my hair felt a bit dry and sealing daily with Olive oil or hot six oil and castor oil on my ends. Will put pictures of the products i have been using and will explain in detail on my products review page of what these products do and how i use them on my healthy hair journey. Am now in a protective style thick cornrows and loving them.

Please kindly share how you manage your hair when stretching


Next relaxer day.....