Friday, 27 September 2013

Moisturize & seal and Castor oil Challenge

How I Moisturize and Seal My Hair

Hey Ladies Thank God its Fridayyyyyy…. heres a tip on how to:

Moisturizing and sealing your hair is when you apply a moisturizer to your hair before sealing in the moisture with an oil. For ladies with relaxed or natural hair, moisturizing and sealing is an essential part of your hair regimen to retain your length and to avoid breakage.

There are moisturizers which already contain oil in the ingredients to which some ladies will use just the one product to both moisturize and seal the hair in one. Most of the moisturizers I prefer to use the one with no oil in it then seal my hair afterwards with an oil. I generally switch my moisturizers depending on availability either its  my Elasta QP Olive Oil and mango butter or ORS olive oil moisturizing hair lotion and Scurl no drip activator Moisturizer and seal with Castor oil or EVOO and apply JBCO or Doo Grow

I moisturize and seal my hair daily maybe once or twice in the mornings or before bed depending on my schedule for the day, at times I'll spray my hair with a shine mist instead before wrapping my hair with a satin scarf and then moisturize and seal in the morning.

I section my hair off into four parts and apply a small amount of moisturizer through each section, starting at the ends and then working my way up to the roots of the hair, I then twist or braid the section for the moisturizer to aborb into my hair. Then I go back through each section, applying a drop or two of oil before twisting it again so it's getting to every strand. Depending on how I am wearing my hair the next day, I will either go on to wrap my hair, twist ,braid or put in a loose bun then protect it overnight with a satin scarf.

My hair feels softer and more manageable compared to when I began my Hair journey 6 months ago. Loving the results……

Just joined HAIRLISTA INC castor oil challenge for 3 months
Advance Level:
  • Apply Castor oil to your scalp every other day. Use sparingly. Massage it in. Focus on Damaged areas.
  • Apply 1 tsp of castor oil to your deep conditioner weekly with heat. Rinse thoroughly.

I will continue with my current regimen daily
I apply castor oil or JBCO to my ends/edges/and nape after each wash.
I moisturize and seal nightly with Elasta QP Olive Oil and mango butter or Scurl no drip activator Moisturizer and seal with Castor oil or EVOO and apply JBCO or Doo Grow mega thick oil to my scalp 4-5 times a week.
also once or twice a week I use the GHE method applying JBCO to my ends.
I am going to eliminate the EVOO and Doo grow mega thick oil and just use my JBCO and Plain pure castor oil. Am posting my pics for just before i got my sew in weave i had deep conditioned with ORS hair mayonnaise

Happy hair growing 

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