Monday, 30 December 2013

Jeenz Grow your hair long and healthy challenge finally begins

Hello Ladies

The challenge is finally here and starts tomorrow are we all ready to work towards that long, and healthy beautiful hair.Well I am and we are going to do this together and have some fun whilst at it. Feel free to share your challenges,setbacks Hair growth recipes regimens what you are doing during the challenge to achieve your goals. Mine are just below

Here are the few things I will be doing during the challenge:
1.       Massage my scalp gently 5 days of the week with natural oil. 3-5 minutes in the morning and evening.
2.      Green House Effect or baggy 3 times a week
3.       Deep condition hair once a week on my washday which is Sunday. Alternate protein and moisture balance weekly. Cowash once a week as i am trying to keep my new growth soft and manageable
4.       Wear a protective or low manipulation style 5 days a week.
5.      drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.
6.      Stretch my relaxer trying to continue transitioning
7.        Moisturise and seal daily with a water based moisturiser.
       No heat throughout the challenge.
8.      Sleep with a silk or satin bonnet, scarf or pillowcase to protect my hair every night.
9.        (Optional) Take a daily multivitamin and use a growth aid. Hair, skin and nails ,JBCO+PPO, wild growth hair oil. etc  .

I will post the products that i will be using during the challenge and will update if i do decide to change depending on what my hair feels like. thats if i have to these products are like my staple so i doubt they will disappoint me

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