Monday, 30 December 2013

Daughters staple products


I have decided to update my daughters hair products since her hair is getting thicker by the day. So far vegetable Glycerine has been my staple her hair is very soft and manageable.

What do you ladies use on your princesses hair and their regimens?


  1. hi i also use glycerin and water on all my girls hair. I wash their hair twice a month after i take down their cornrows. its a hassle because i do this on four heads but will keep up with the regimen.

  2. I can understand and at their tender age the hair still has its texture and is more kinky and coily. Detangling has become easier over the months and am happy she is beginning to participate too. Sarah whats your girls washday Routine if you dont mind sharing

    1. normally i just wash with any shampoo then spray with the glycerin mixture.


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