Monday, 3 February 2014

Ist week of Healthy hair challenge how is it going

Hiya ladies

yes we have just gone a week into the hair challenge and i wonder how we are all doing. For some its a whole new experience starting their healthy hair journeys and the challenge at the same time, New regimens, new products and trying to understand the language your hair speaks. To those who are already on their healthy hair journeys i am pretty confident that you have settled into your regimens some are trying out new products and some will stick to their staple products during the challenge remember its what works for your hair that brings about good and pleasing results. As for myself i have twists braids in for my protective style till mid March thats about 6-8 weeks then i remove them. i have started my second round of the inversion method 1 inch in 1 week. Yes i started on the 1st of January to the 7th of January and am now doing my February go at the challenge I am hoping this method will aid in my journey to APL by April 2014. once again thank you for participating and good luck ladies.

i would like to hear how you are all doing in the challenge so far.


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