Thursday, 27 November 2014

Box braids out after 5 weeks!

Hi Lovelies

Yes i have not been updating my blog and status of my hair whilst in braids, and to say this time around i have been very busy and at the same time now doing the last preparations for the Healthy Hair Experience meet up.

Yes the box braids are out just after five weeks and i am sure the growth i have had this time around has been due to the hair vitamins i have started taking. I have been taking Manetabolism Hair Vitamins since the end of October and am to say i did gain just over an inch of growth thats why i had to remove my braids before my scheduled six weeks. I have also upped my water intake and been very consistent too, I have heard stories of skin breakouts with taking high doses of Biotin so i am trying to avoid all of that.

My take down process was quite simple and i did it over two days. I wanted to make sure i did not suffer a lot of breakage but i did notice more shedding than i usually have after i take my braids out at 8 weeks.

I cut the box braids a little long closer to the ends to ensure I didn’t chop my hair off!
Then took a small section, wet it, and put conditioner on it and gently comb the braids out.I used my cheap   conditioner and started finger detangling. I was very patient this time around . Though it still took me 2 days to take them down.

 Shed hair

WASH ROUTINE: After my hair was free, I completed  my usual hair regimen. I pre-pooed with Coconut oil then I shampood it with Creme of Nature Sulphate free Shampoo since my hair had been braided for so long, I wanted to get rid of all of the hair product build up. Then, I deep conditioned my hair with ORS Replenishing Conditioner  and started the detangling process using a wide tooth shower comb. I didn’t realize how matted my hair had gotten in the braids especially at the back. It took me almost an hour to get all of the knots out! It was mostly knotted at the root where each braid started. It was just frustrating, but I didn’t want to pull my hair out while detangling, so I was really carefull, but then thats when i noticed i wasnt having breakage at all it was mostly shed hair but i still feel it was a lot. I then air dried and applied the Giovanni direct leave in weightless moisture conditioner first time trying it out and i loved it.

went to bed feeling really tired i just put on my satin scarf and next morning continued with my moisturizing and sealing process i used Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter to moisturize and then used my oil mix to seal. Planning on doing a proper protein treatment this weekend will keep u updated.

Overall i think i m happy with this last protective style i retained some length yippeeeeee am getting there
How was your braids take down experience and How did your washday go?

The Wash Day Experience

 Laters !
Curlyeva xoxo........


  1. I had the same experience when I took off my weave, the matting was crazy! I am planning to spend more time detangling next time.
    Thanks for sharing your experience

  2. Hi Lungi at least i have had this experience and i now know what to do in future otherwise have you had a weave or braids after your experience would like to know your tips on how to detangle much more easily


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