Thursday, 6 November 2014

Finally the healthy hair meetup is coming SOON!!!!!!!!!

Hello Hair beauties

How have you been, and how are those regimens and haircare practices working for you? Hope its all working great. I am hanging in there and enjoying my box braids have had them for 3 weeks now and keeping them in for another 4 weeks or even 5.

Enough hair rambling now for the important announcement, The long awaited Healthy Hair Experience meetup is finally coming its happening on the 6th of December at Travel Plaza shopping Mall On the Roof Restaurant and all those important questions that you all have been wanting to ask since you started your hair journey will be answered. Its an event to support each other during our healthy hair journeys so as to achieve that healthy hair we have always wanted and to achieve the lengthy hair we have always desired to have.

I will put the flyer below for further details as to how to buy your ticket for the event on Eventbrite ticket sales will put a link too.

There will be lots of Giveaways and prizes to be won during the event and so many surprises too.

Hope you can all make it. Not an event to miss, Helping you to make plans and goals for the year 2015 and achieve healthy hair with 12 inches in 12 months.
Good luck ladies happy hair growing.

Come and lets have some fun......
Hugs n Kisses


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