Monday, 5 January 2015

Happy New Year ,Texlax No. 4 update & 2015 Hair goals

Hello Beauties

WHOOOOOAAAH. Happy new year to you all and your families hope you all had amazing holidays and got time to relax. We thank God for 2014 and making all things possible and, Now that 2015 is here its a brand new year and new beginnings we pray that he continues to guide us.

I finally relaxed my hair myself on the 1st of January new years day at 17 weeks post, and i was really excited to see if i had reached my goal of bsl and sadly i havent i lost that one but guess what i did gain a lot of thickness and my hair is stronger healthier hair goal of 2014 achieved 100%. I will get there soon just 1 more inch hoping i dont get a set back. So this time around i decided to use a different relaxer used the ORS HAIRepair no lye relaxer system normal. I should say i really liked this relaxer it did not relax my hair bone straight. How i did my relaxer prep is i used Tomes edition method for relaxer day prep image below:

then on the one day before relaxer i detangled my hair the night before and put extra virgin olive oil on the hair ends avoiding the roots. I put my hair in twists then wore my wig and celebrated into the new year.

Relaxer steps:

1. I began applying my relaxer from the back working my way towards the top and front of my head.
2. i kept it in for abt 13 - 15 minutes which i was hoping for and washed out the relaxer thoroughly i prefer to use the shower when rinsing out my relaxer.
3. I applied Aphogee 2 min Recontructor for about 5 minutes to add some strength to my strands.
4. Rinsed out the Aphogee 2 minute reconstrutor then applied my deep conditioning treatment a mixture of
Queen Helene Cholesterol and ORS Olive Oil Hair Masque for 20 mins under my heat cap.
5. Rinsed out deep conditioner and wrapped my hair in my old tshirt for about 30 minutes
6. Applied my leave in conditioners Aphogee Keratin and green tea restructurizer and Giovanni direct leave in weightless weightless moisture conditioner.
7. This time around i decided to air dry my hair i did not even use my bonnet dryer attachment am now scared of heat, let alone the thought of flat ironing freaked me out.
8. I decided to blow dry my hair a few days later for a length check which the results told me i m officially full APL .

Now on to 2015 healthy hair goals:
I'm ready to take my hair care even more seriously and watch my hair thrive.  

Here are my hair goals:
1. Moisturize and seal daily
2.Use tea or coffee rinses with each wash Do regular protein treatments   
3.Exercise and Eat healthy and incorporate more greens, lentils and less fat!
4. Drink lots of water throughout the year
5. Low Manipuation hairstyles mainly wigging combs on washday only
6. Reach Bsl and then maintain healthy hair

What are your hair goals for 2015 ? 

Happy New Year Lovelies,

Happy hair growing

Lotsa love 


  1. Your hair looks so good and thick as well! You will reach BSL in no time.

    I am also planning to self relax soon, I will be taking some tips from your experience

  2. Thank you very much @healthyhairdoncare i cant wait to reach Bsl, i hope to retain some serious length till my next relaxer

    would love to see your relaxer results, Good Luck!

  3. Great progress...and your ends are getting thicker too! 2015 is gonna be a hairy-great year! We believe....

  4. thank you Abena m loving the thickness, thank you Stella yes 2015 will definitely be a hairy-great year for us. We are hairlebrities in the making girl...we can

  5. Amaaaaaazing!!!!!!! So thick!

    Also loving the simplicity in your goals.

    Happy Hair Journey!!!!

  6. would you ever grow it past BSL you think?

    1. Kangopie i am still thinking about that, i would also like to reach terminal length if i can. Its a journey and not yet ready to reach the destination lets wait and see hey!


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