Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Mini Hair Update and 2015 Hair Challenges

Hello Beauties

Yes i am back, i know i have been AWOL but its for a good reason am going through a business transformation. Online Store plus Hair care salon. I think its the best decision i have made so far in my career. I love being an entrepreneur and being obsessed with my hair and job lol.

Anyway lets talk about hair related stuff, what have i been up to lately besides being as busy as a bee. Washdays have been a breeze so much that i wish i would not have new growth at all naaaahhh lies i love that coily hair. been living on bantu knot outs, bunning and wigging but got tired of seeing my hair and decided to get braids i got some Senegalese twists installed and and loving how light they feel. The ones i got installed this time around are a bit thinner than the ones i usually get, besides its just too hot and i would like to go 8 weeks with them in. Otherwise my regimen stays the same just trying to minimize on my oils there are too many now, from EVOO, EVCO, JBCO, Jojoba oil, Grapessed oil, Sweet Almond oil, Baobab oil, Neem oil, the list goes on yes and the essential oils too. I have decided to stick to a few for the challenges that i joined for 2015 mainly the JBCO, EVCO, Baobab oil and Jojoba oil.

I am going to enjoy these braids as always have lots of fun with styling them and am learning to use scarfs too will post pics on braids hairstyles this time around. As usual my staple braid spray African Pride braid spray and oils will be key and also my new addition to the staple family Manetabolism hair vitamins i have 2 bottles on hand for the 8 weeks in braids.

 products for Braids Regimen:

  my current protective style Senegalese Twists round 1:
 My Bantu knot out:


hugs n kisses


  1. The braids look good. I'm afraid of braids and weaves so I'm sticking to wigs now (no hairline issues). How's the online store coming up? Can't wait for your salon

  2. Hey Yvette try braids for at least 4-6 weeks you might enjoy them just make sure you have your castor oil ready for those edges during that period. I am very committed at the moment. the store is great just busy and getting used to it too. Salon is in the pipeline its going to be fun finally we can all love our hair.

  3. It’s good to know what you’ve been up to lately with regard to your hair. Your protective style looks great, and so is your natural hair. I guess everything is going great with its progress. Keep us posted about its development, and your latest hair tricks to make it look good. Have a nice day!

    Collene Puterbaugh @ Baja Hair Center

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  5. Hi, I nominated yo for the Liebster award so you can start blogging again

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