Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Hair decisions

Hi everyone

Yes i know still no pictures or hair updates i am really sorry still busy thought things would have settled and slowed down a bit but it never gets better am still busy all the way. I did get a few minutes to share some news i am about 6 months post relaxer going onto seven and loving my new growth so much. I am not transitioning back to natural yet but i have been trimming those thin ends that look ridiculously hungry and thirsty all the time doing these trims every 6-8 weeks in between my protective styling routine. I am loving the thickness and healthy looking mane i have so far and hoping i can keep my hair this way for a while. I have been thinking of texlaxing but because i am managing my two textures the texlaxed and the new growth pretty well i might just get to a year without using my favourite creamy crack. The only creamy stuff going onto my hair are my deep conditioners, leave ins and moisturizers.

Protective styling surely is a life saver when you are on a realaxer holiday hopefully i will extend this vacation for another year and then maybe i will have decided on what i am going to do. And yes i am going to strt posting the promised updates and pictures.

Curly Eva

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