Thursday, 4 February 2016

FINALLY i am back

A Happy belated 2016 to you all. 

Its been a loooonnnng time since i have updated my blog or even updated my hair sob sob.
but am surely glad to be back now. the last couple of months have really been hectic. Family, business, personals you name it.

Hoping your hair journeys have been fantabulous so far., as compared to mine, well i have been looking after my hair setbacks here and there, doing the mininmum, doing the maximum having tried new products and relaxers as well and then eventually protective styling which i am loving. Now i am loving protective styling have had a few in the past months that i keep in for 6-8 weeks at most then my hair is on a two week break then install another one. Protective styling surely saves on time especially when facing hectic schedules all the time and i love the hassle free hair regimens too.

Will have updated posts in the coming weeks hopefully with pics too as to what i have been doing to my hair and how i have been managing the setbacks i have had, my new products reviews, and the temptation to big chop, go natural etc yes i have been down that road too many times.

Feels great to be back and you will be seeing more of me


Curly Eva....xoxo


Next relaxer day.....