Tuesday, 4 March 2014

ORS HaiRepair Review and washday update

Hiya ladies

Yes i finally took out my twists braids over the weekend and Sunday was busy day for my long awaited product sampling lol the wait was just a week long thanks once again to HHI14 for the goodie bag am hearting these products.

ORS HaiRepair Shampoo:
I was so excited to try out the invigorating sulphate free shampoo on my wash day. It was love at first lather! My scalp felt so cool and refreshed and not in an uncomfortable way . I followed the instructions on the bottles to the letter lol. My hair felt so moisturized and my hair was tangle free. I am in love with the aroma of this shampoo, the Rosemary fragrance is so soothing as I wash my hair. I immediately felt the difference in my hairs texture soft and moisturized wow. I highly recommend this product. I would give ten stars if I had the option to do so.but well its a 5 for me.

ORS HaiRepair Nourishing Conditioner
This is my new staple deep conditioner! I will switch between the mayo and replenishing conditioner every now and then. I have transitioning 4C hair and it worked well on my new growth. My hair LOVEs this product!

Can't wait for this product to be available in a bottle!

ORS HaiRepair Anti- Breakage Creme
I give the Hairepair anti-breakage creme 5 stars. This product is absolutely wonderful and great. It moisturized my hair, makes it easy to manage especially when I have new growth and smells sooo good. Great job ORS with all your products especially the Hairepair line for us girls who need a little something more to get back and maintain healthy hair
Today I used if for the first time and I am very pleased. I believe this product will cure my dryness and breakage and keep my hair moisturized during this period i am transitioning. The ingredients are great, I noticed it had no mineral oil or paraffin, and no petrolatum. These two products are not beneficial to hair at all.

ORS HaiRepair Vital oils for hair scalp
I fell in LOVE with this oil! I can't live without it! lol It's a great combination of good oils like grapeseed oil and sweet almond oil. My hair feels completely moisturized after using it. And oh my God, the smell is sure the best thing! So delicious! I can still smell it the next day.
Its a Nice, light oil. Smells AWESOME! Love the type of bottle that's its in. I used this on my scalp on wash day and sealed with it after moisturizing my hair i couldnt resist it. Will be alternating this oil with my staple sealant during the week. 

I will use the ORS olive oil hair mask on my next washday and share my reviews on it

I absolutely have come to love the HaiRepair hair products! These products gave my transitioning hair so much life.They made my washday really manageable it was just a breeze through thats how i got time to do my 3 year olds daughters hair i had more time on my hands, No more dry scalp for me! I use the shampoo, conditioner, vital oils, & anti-breakage creme

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