Wednesday, 2 April 2014

My one year healthy hair journey annivesary Yeeey!!!!

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Wow, Hie everyone

Hope you guys are great i am feeling AWESOME!!!!.Just achieved my ONE year healthy hair journey March 2013 - March 2014. Hair Journeys are awesome and at times can be depressing, because we all want to achieve one goal which is have healthier, longer beautiful hair, but we are not always prepared for the challenges that come with achieving that goal. With that said i am one happy gal having jumped onto the healthy hair care band wagon, celebrating my annie, I have opened up shop running a business selling haircare or aftercare products as i have decided to call it- Aftercare and most of all having to know how to look after my own hair. To me it has been wonderful to carry a beautiful healthy head of hair, I have met and made so many friends along my hair journey to mention a few Yvette Varie blogger ( a Zimbabwean girl who is completely hair obsessed and loving it  , Sarah Nyasha Chatima Muchenje (member on Grow African Hair Long and Hairlista Inc) she has had a passion for beautiful relaxed hair since the day i met her and she is aiming for her goal of BSL Grace Mberi a fun loving carefree Natural haired girl with a fussy FRO! Wenzile an addicted Natural gal with a passion for her 4c hair type,Alison Zunguze (a member on Hairlista. Inc) she big chopped her Relaxed Arm Pit Length hair oooooucchh and still getting in touch with being natural but loving it and all the crazies attached to adjusting to her FRO regimen, Kundayi Mawema hair blogger ( (hairlista) like she says " All hair has a story, lets make it one of success IT CAN and WILL GROW!!!!" i liked that Kundayi and true it is. Tendayi Kunaka Blogger of Africanhairblog she is just amazing, Zimbabwean wife, mother and career driven woman living in South Africa and Grow African Hair Long Creators Jo and Eva Check out their blogs and their profiles and maybe learn a thing or two. They are inspiring to other women not just in Zimbabwe but the world over.

They are PROUD MEMBERS of healthy relaxed/texlaxed and team natural, Yes these ladies are all on a mission different hair textures, different hair regimens, different products but same goal healthy, strong, lengthy beautiful hair.They are more ladies that i have met too at the shop whom i spend hours with, who are shocked to hear about how one can take care of their own hair without having to visit their stylist every second week and they just decide on beginning their healthy hair journeys too. Now me myself and I as confused as i am at the moment with three textures and having to manage two inches of virgin hair thats my new growth 4 inches of texlaxed hair and 5 inches of relaxed hair lol i am having a blast i am going crazy anyway will decide soon now that its official i am so many months post i have lost count lol. I Will update you all soon after the weekend with my one year healthy hair annivesary celebratory post on how i have managed to get to the length i am now and how near or far i am to reaching my goal, post some pictures of my one year journey and YEEEEESSSS A GIVEAWAY  GIVEAWAY GIVEAWAY .........

And again thanks ladies my 1st year has been challenging and awesome at the same time.

till later

Curly Eva...xoxo


  1. congrats on getting to 0ne year of your HHJ. Your hair definitely shows that its appreciating all the TLC. Here's to many more successful HHJ years

    1. Thanks Yvette and also knowing that i am not alone in this makes it easier


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