Friday, 2 May 2014

Hair Update 6 weeks post Relaxer

Hi all

I need to be consistent in updating this journal  more frequently. What's the point of having a journal if I'm not logging on a consistent basis, right? :) I'm sorry I've been a bit MIA -i have been really busy but I'm happy that I'm sitting down with some tea and cake (wink- wink) and ready to start writing about healthy hair again. I will start writing about how my hair is coming along and how my healthy hair goals are progressing overall.
One of the reasons I haven't been writing (and this really isn't an excuse) is that I haven't had too much to write about. My winter hair regimen is the same and the only major change that has really taken place is i have decided to add African braiding in Zimbabwean lingo mabhanzi between now May to maybe till i find a protective style i can alternate with my wigs and that I've started exercising do my Zumba 3 times a week.  

The main issue with my healthy hair regimen is to get very comfortable with protective styling. Various ponytail styles, buns and wigs are my best friends. These days I wash my hair once a week, and I make sure to shampoo out my edges either three days a week with minimal physical manipulation if I am wearing gel in them to keep them smoothed back (like my ORS Edge Control gel). I try to airdry my edges as much as possible to limit heat use on them, then i rock a ponytail or a bun or mabhanzi under my wig.

I've been keeping up with babying my edges ends and my nape am happy to report that I haven't gone through any unnecessary split end craziness or breakage/shedding issues. I have begun doing my tea rinses religiously and ACV rinses and my go to teas are blak tea and green tea. My hair is pretty much gaining more thickness and i cant really tell how much length i have gained since i am about  weeks post i will only do a length check after my next texlax. at the moment I am totally cool with growing my hair healthier and  longer. My next hair length goal is for it to reach full Arm Pit Length and then hope for BSL by December 2014. 

I am making sure to maintain a balanced diet and drink a lot of water as well. I think my change overall in developing healthy eating and exercising habits is benefiting my hair, so I'm looking forward to seeing the long-term benefits of my healthy lifestyle changes overall.
Alrighty, that's my update for now. Let me know if you have any questions! :)and if you also want to share or update how you and your hair have been fairing


Relaxer update | April
Am 3 weeks post relaxer !

Hello all,

I finally relaxed/texlaxed my new growth *on April the 12th* YAY!!! Finally, Finally finally!! It was definitely new growth was getting unmanageable. And yes I am 3 weeks post relaxer now, delayed post I know sorry getting a bit lazy. I'd say I was way over 6 months post relaxer. I didn't keep count anymore coz my stretch was too long and too many challenges since it was my first time stretching for that long but now I have mastered the stretch technique I will be able to handle my next stretches more diligent. Soo  lets talk about my relaxer day shall we?


In the build up to my relaxer touch up I deep conditioned my hair a week before and was extra careful not to miss my daily moisturizing and sealing with a lot of attention being paid to both roots and ends. I also gave myself scalp massages with warmed olive oil and sweet almond oil to give my scalp some extra oils in anticipation for the relaxer.

 Relaxer Kit used: Organic Root Stimulator - Normal for fine to medium hair textures.

I relaxed my hair at home....I'm have decided to do this on my own at any given time my 3 year old daughter will help with handing over the accessories I use etc. She likes to be involved in mummys hair routines.

I took appropriate preventive measures i.e. base added to scalp to protect against chemicals in the relaxer, oiled my ends previously relaxed hair that is and added conditioner to my relaxer to weaken the chemical in it.  i relaxed just my new growth and as close as possible to my scalp to get to the roots but not actually my scalp. I didn’t leave it on for a long time as I did not want to fully process my hair had it on for just under 8 mins - this method seems to be really working for me and I like it. That is texlaxing,  rinsed out relaxer and neutralised....i then deep conditionedusing the Replenishing  conditioner that comes with the kit mixed with a bit of ORS Hair mayonnaise and left to sit for 20 mins then rinsed out I then did a 5 min moisturizing conditioner with steam using the Elasta QP remoisturing conditioner then rinsed . After t shirt drying my hair,...used my favourite leave in at the moment the Aphogee Keratin & Green tea Restructurizer  oil and my ORS heat protection  serum. Air dried till my hair was 80% dry then blow dried on cool with a Paddle brush , flat ironed and I was done.

I have to say my hair has grown...Im well past shoulder length and so so close to arm pit length...and still like 4-6 inches away from bra strap length though. This noticeable growth is great encouragement for my healthy hair journey. Will definitely be keeping up my healthy hair practices -More protective styling, maintaining moisture to protein balance and less daily manipulation.

As I finish this post I am setting myself for the tHs winter hair care challenge details for challenge tellinghairstory facebook page, . I will be continuing with the Jeenz grow your hair long and healthy challenge routine till the end of the year. Will post a pic of starting length and keep you up to date with progress pictures as I go on with the challenge.
For  now am keeping my hair in a bun. Moisturize and seal as needed.
So thats about it for now.....till later


  1. I will also share with you my wash day

  2. Thank you very much Sarah cant wait for your wash day experience

  3. My wash day

    I pre-pooed with my VOS conditioner mixed with my favorite oils, olive oil, castor oil and coconut oil. I pre-pooed for 2 hours then i washed with ORS creamy aloe shampoo. I need a good wash because I took out my weave which I had for exactly four weeks. I then did a deep condition using ORS replenishing conditioner. I needed a protein conditioner as I was also preparing for my relaxer.

    After my wash my hair felt really clean and smelled gorgeous. I air dried, applied my homemade leave in then I moisturised and sealed.

    done that was my wash day.

  4. I have set back and I feel sad. My hair broke at the back I have a gap in the middle its seems shorter than the rest of the hair.sob sob I texlaxed yesterday ...... overall my hair has improved its getting healthier which is the major thing right.. Now I want lenghth.

  5. Hi Sarah

    thanks for sharing your washday i like it very simple and no strain obviously you do look forward to it. Dont worry about the setback we all do experience these challenges on our hair journeys and you just have to accept whats happened though its really painfull i myself have been through it before it was really hard especially after you know you have been trying to do everything correctly. Really glad you did a protein treatment before your texlax and that you are seeing some improvements besides the setback soon you will be seeing length. Remember the secret to growing healthy longer hair is 50% effort and 50% patience
    Happy Hair growing hun


Next relaxer day.....