Wednesday, 11 June 2014

EVCO, JBCO, GHE and Inversion method


Just over a year into my healthy hair journey and i am loving just taking care of my hair. I have really become very patient with my hair i too am still in shock lol. I guess seeing other women with their beautiful hair natural or relaxed keeps me motivated.

Today is my fourth day of the inversion method week and i just remembered that in my last post i forgot to explain to those who dont know the Inversion method technique. i am going to try and briefly share on what it is. I am adding the GHE (Green House Effect) method as of tonight for the next three days till my prepoo for washday on Sunday.

*{GHE Method}-The process of using a plastic cap to generate heat on the scalp, This Method works off of just your body heat and your natural hair oils. This will promote blood flow to the scalp and can help boost moisture levels. You can put the plastic cap on for hours at a time or go to bed with it. At times i use a spritz of plain tap water instead of for now i am just using my braid spray
when my hair is not in protective styling I use Rosewater instead of Tap water.
What i will be using for the GHE 1. Spray bottle with water/braid spray-  the water or braid spray is used to lightly mist the hair until it is damp so as to create the ‘steam’ under the plastic cap.
2. Oil  -my oil mix i am using for the inversion method, Extra virgin coconut oil and Jbco with peppermint and tea tree oil, i am adding a few drops of rosemary a growth stimulating oil these oils will enhance growth and also lessen friction between the strands, as well as to trap moisture in the strands.
3. Shower cap the extra large one to fit my braids –  its use is to trap the heat on the scalp and create the warm environment needed for growth stimulation.
4. Scarf and satin bonnet - i use both to ensure that the plastic is securely in place so that it does not slip off and the heat does not escape under the edge of the plastic cap overnight.
Benefits of the GHE Method
  •  The GHE stimulates hair growth and has been proven to double and even triple the normal growth rate.
  •  It naturally softens hair, making it more manageable and lessens friction between the strands.
  •  It is perfect for keeping dryness in check.
  •  It aids in curl definition for those with curly hair.
  •  It makes it easier to seal moisture into your strands.
*{Inversion Method}- The process of allowing blood flow to increase to the scalp by hanging the head in a low position. 

Defined: this method involves turning your head upside down for 4 minutes a day for 7 consecutive days per month (no more). You should couple this with a scalp massage with an oil of your choice. I prefer to warm my oil for a few seconds.

 How it works: 
 Essentially by massaging your scalp and turning your head upside down, blood chock full of nutrients rushes to your head and scalp thereby providing the ideal environment for hair growth. Essentially you are tricking your body into thinking that there is a huge abundance of nutrients so as a result there is an increase in hair growth.

So i am pretty confident i will be able to reach my goal of BSL at the end of the year and thanks again for the support ladies.

Have a lovely day!


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