Monday, 9 June 2014

Inversion Method here we go....

Hi all

Hope you all had a great weekend, well I did spent some time with family though i was feeling under the weather. I am really happy i had these Senegalese twists installed my daily routine has become more simpler and i honestly hate any manipulation of my hair during the winter months so wigging and braiding are my go to low manipulation styles. I decided to start my inversion method yesterday though i usually do it every 1st of the month to the 7th.

The reason why i decided to change this time around and do the inversion this week 8th to 14th June, is because i want to wash and deep condition my hair after every three weeks until i remove my braids. I will finish the inversion method on Saturday so that i can do my prepoo and wash my hair/twists on Sunday afternoon. Its winter and its very cold so i am trying to stay away from water and in the thick Senegalese twists that i am in they will take quite a bit of time to dry. Stretching my washdays for the next couple of weeks wont really disturb my regimen i have been surviving on the African Pride Braid spray, coconut oil, castor oil, peppermint oil and tea tree oil.
These have kept the itch under control so i am confident this three week stretch till washday is definately going to work.

I can only post my inversion method' results after the 1st week of August when i remove my braids. I also find it much more easier to oil my hair when its in braids. I hope i would have also retained some length by then. I am just going to try and be committed to oiling my scalp with coconut oil and JBCO through my protective style.

So till washday which i have promised to share with you



  1. Nice, planning on starting my inversion in July or end of June. By the way, i tagged you in a blog tag. See you on hairmily :-)

  2. I can't wait to see the inversion results. I am starting tonight (I hope).

  3. Hey Bee i will probably join you when you do your July inversion. I have been on hairmily public holiday lol coming back today i hope

  4. @Yvette you will have to wait for another 6 weeks to see my inversion results when i take down the twists good luck if you eventually started yesterday

  5. Great. Hope to start mine by July too. Pesently on a Castor oil challenge. You can check my blog her. would you mind following me, I'm following you

  6. Hi Elizabeth great so we do the challenge together will check out your blog thanks


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