Monday, 16 June 2014

Washday in Braids /Senegalese twists

Hi everyone 

Hope you all had a great weekend and celebrated fathers day In style. Oh my what a Sunday for me it was with washday on the Agenda and yes I have never anticipated a washday before like I did with this particular one. I just wanted to get my head under that water so much I couldn’t wait any longer. So here goes how my day eventually went.

The plan was:
  •   Prepoo with coconut oil overnight then wash out next morning
  • Wash braids with cup of diluted sulphate free shampoo  {squeeze to lather}
  •  Rinse with cup of clear water {squeeze to rinse}
  •  Apply apple cider vinegar rinse 1 part ACV and 3 parts water
  •  Apply deep conditioner ORS Replenishing conditioner
  •   Add heat under thermal heat cap for 1 hour
  •   Rinse out conditioner
  •  Apply leave ins Aphogee Keratin and Green tea Restructurizer and scurl no drip, then when dry spray--or sponge saturate--hair with braid spray
I Poured some shampoo into a large applicator bottle ORS Invigorating Sulphate free shampoo, added lukewarm water and shook to mix thoroughly. I find that warm water encourages suds, so tepid or cold water is better. Rinsed hair with warm water for about two minutes. This is to ensure your hair is thoroughly wet and any dirt or oil that can be rinsed away has done so. Then applied the shampoo onto my scalp made sure especially to apply in between the parts. Then put the remaining shampoo in my spray bottle and sprayed the length of my hair. allow the shampoo to sit on hair for a few minutes then gently squeezed braids. I massaged the hair, but not disturbing it, Rinsed thoroughly and then did another rinse with my Apple Cider Vinegar. Soon after I LIGHTLY added ORS replenishing conditioner to the length of my hair. Used a large conditioning cap to fit the bulk of my braids and sat under a steaming cap.

I find that with braids, I only use shampoo once a month. Every other week, I will just co-wash (with conditioner only). This time though I have been using mydry scalp wash and baby wipes to cleanse in between washes I will definitely use shampoo after every three weeks the first time and on the night before take down.
NB: Dry shampooing with apple cider vinegar or some other mix is cleaning the hair, so even if water is not used, it counts. for hair or skin. Apple Cider Vinegar diluted in water is very good, followed by properly moisturising your hair after it has been stripped of all oil to minimise breakage. 

After my dc process I rinsed out the conditioner and covered my hair with an old t-shirt to try and soak up the excess water so I could air dry. After 2 hour I took down my tee and to my surprise I could still smell the ORS replenishing conditioner on my braids, first instinct was to wash again and I went straight into the shower and stood in there for a whole ten minutes to make sure the dc all came out eventually afterwards I couldn’t smell any conditioner then back to the tshirt process this time I did it for an hour then let my braids dry in a high pony. Sprayed my leave ins but was too tired to spray my braid spray.
This morning I eventually sprayed my braid spray then even had time to oil my scalp with my jbco, coconut oil mix. I will probably take these twists down at 6 weeks and not the initially planned 8 weeks will see how the next few weeks follow am just hoping not to have a set back after this protective style.

How do your washdays in braids go? please share….

The Wash Day Experience
Sorry guys no pics i was just too tired. I Will post pics of the products i used in my next post


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