Tuesday, 26 August 2014

A Henna, Brahmi powder, Amla(Ayurverda) Washday


Hope you all had a great weekend and spent time with family and friends. I was so jealous of my brother and his family, my niece and her hubby as they enjoyed a well deserved bank holiday in the UK eating away and drinking themselves to happy land which is good though. I on the other hand was too anxious to get to washday to do my henna treatment (AYURVEDA ) to name it since the first part was all Henna, Brahmi, Amla and olive oil would have loved to add some Neem too. The mixture did well to my hair i loved the results i got from the treatment. So jealous i might have been but i did something good to my hair.

So Saturday night was prep day for the treatments, Firstly i mixed my ingredients the measurements were just estimating how much powder i thought i would need for my hair since its become so thick, i think its got to do with the coconut oil that i have been alternating with the JBCO. I added another ingredient to the mixture which was green tea instead of the usual water which is used to mix the powders to make the paste. So i mixed all the ingredients together though the tea was still a bit on the warm side. The Extra Virgin Olive oil was to help with easy application since the powders are a bit difficult to put on the hair and it also conditioned my hair. I left the mixture in the bowl overnight as i prepood with a little warm extra virgin coconut oil.

Next morning was washday and yes i was very excited.
  1. Shampooed with ORS Creamy Aloe shampoo twice.
  2. t-shirt dried then applied the Ayurvedic treatment.
  3. had it on for about 1 hour 30 minutes 
  4. rinsed it out then did a moisture dc with Beautiful textures rapid repair deep conditioner
  5. used steam cap for 30 minutes then rinsed out 
  6. t shirt dried again then applied my Aphogee Keratin and Green tea Restructurizer.
  7. left hair to airdry in a loose pony tail
  8. Moisturized and sealed later before bed with Cantu Shea butter leave in conditioning repair cream and Evco
Yes the process did get frustrating when it came to the messy application then the rinse out of the powders wow i was just weak. Overall i manged to wash all the mixture out and my thick growth didnt help the situation either being 19 weeks post relaxer, and still craving to put some creamy crack on my hair i cant wait. My hair felt stronger and even looked healthier before the treatment and amazingly felt soft before my moisture deep condition. And i did notice it was darker in colour but had a few red streaks of hair not sure if the natural henna did that. I will try and do this treatment at least once a month from now on.
How was your washday experience please share:

The Wash Day Experience

More to come as i start my Inversion today. One inch am coming to get you.

Hugs n kisses



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