Monday, 1 September 2014

Relaxer update emergency texlax no.3 @20 weeks post

Hello Lovelies

couldnt wait to do this update as much as i could nt wait to texlax. Hope you are all good, Taking care of those tresses and giving them tonnes of TLC.

Yes i texlaxed 2 weeks before my scheduled relaxer date. It was Wednesday evening that i decided to detangle my before my inversion when to my surprise i thought i saw three quarters of my hair on my comb. I nearly fainted and thought to myself i will not lose all this hair after so much hard work it was more worries for my length because during my hair journey i have not been as good with length retention at all. So thats when it hit me decision time i am going to relax on Saturday and since i was going to be 20 weeks post i felt my stretch was up and done.

I left work as soon as clock hit 1pm went to pick up hubby from his meeting and in anticipation of getting home to whip up my hair buffet hubby hits me with one. "Lets do lunch sweety " i was just in shock my heart was racing not for the lunch part but my hair needed my attention immediately. I did lunch for 3 whole long hours then home got there and put my bags down, straight to the bathroom and i started preping for my touch up.

This is how it went
As always :
1. Put Extra Virgin Olive oil on the ends of my hair avoiding the roots and detangled from ends to new growth
2. Mixed my relaxer i used the ORS Olive Oil No Lye relaxer kit Normal Strength. my deep conditioners ready and my peppermint oil close by so as my leave in conditioner and heat protectant serum.
4.steaming cap and flat iron ready too
5. Sectioned hair into 4 parts then i applied the relaxer from back to the front
6 it took me just under 10 minutes to smooth out my growth for this process because my growth was too thick this time around
7. Rinsed off relaxer and shampooed with ORS creamy aloe neutralizing shampoo 4 times to make sure the relaxer was all out
8. i then mixed my ORS replenishing conditioner and a little bit of ORS olive oil deep masque conditioner added 5 drops of peppermint oil then massaged my scalp and my hair with the mixture woooow the peppermint oil felt so great on my scalp that lovely tingling feeling.
9. I sat under my heat cap for 20 minutes then let my hair cool for another 5 minutes and finally rinsed out the conditioners i immediately felt that my strands had bounced back to life they felt strong and my head felt heavier with hair lol.
10. t shirt dried for 15 minutes then sprayed my aphogee keratin and green tea restructurizer then continued to air dry for another hour.
11. i put on my ORS heat protection serum to get ready for the flat ironing session which i really felt i didnt want to do but since i didnt blow dry my hair i felt it was okay
12. the detangling process brought joy to my heart as there was little breakage in my hair from a few knots since i didnt put a comb in for the relaxer process and the deep conditioning process, i wanted very low manipulation as i wanted to be very careful.

All in all i should fairly say texlax number 3 went very well i am happy with the results.
In a previous post i had mentioned i would stretch for 16 weeks at a time and i think i should stick to that i can manage my textures better to that point, so 16 weeks it is.
Relaxer day images to follow below :

Oh and congratulation to Stella of for the successful hair meetup she hosted in Ghana glad you ladies had fun and am sure learnt a lot to include on your healthy hair journeys



Happy healthy hair journey ladies



  1. Awesome progress Eva! And your Hubby is too funny I bet he could tell you wanted to DEAL with your hair - LOL.

    in the end you got the best of everything Quality time for Hubby and Hair so that was nice.

    Ok off to read other posts :)

    p.s. how about a meetup in Zim - maybe in Dec? I will ask the Ladies on 'lista and see if anyone has time 4 that!


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