Thursday, 21 August 2014

Relaxer count down!

Hey Beauties

Its been a while since i updated you all on how my hair journey is going. Well i am hanging in there and enjoying 3 inches of natural hair and am 18 weeks post mmmmm.... no am not going to BC or transition either.

So lets begin, theres a lot of catching up to do. After my henna treat which i still love i got cornrows done for three full weeks and yes i was getting impatient i was missing my hair so much. I am amazed at how much length i have retained in the past four months. Me thinks am doing something right finally. I have minimum breakage , less shedding and stronger thicker hair.

I should say this stretch has been way better than my previous stretches and now i am confident to say i will always manage my stretches beyond 16 weeks comfortably. What have i been doing to achieve so much growth and retain m length? I have my wonder miracle products by my side always since i have been doing cornrows its my African Pride Braid spray original regular formula for moisturizing my hair, then Extra Virgin Coconut oil, Jamaican Black castor oil and raw shea butter mixed together. This mixture is my scalp base and my sealant not to heavy at all hair is neatly done in cornrows.
I washed and Deep conditioned my hair weekly as always but mostly cowashed to keep moisture levels high since the new growth can become very dry deep into a stretch.

Otherwise i cant wait for my 3rd texlax #excited , i really want to see my true length but ofcourse iit will not be that lengthy reason being i am texlaxing and not doing a bone straight relaxer. 3 weeks to go and i am going to slap some of that relaxer cream onto my thick new growth. As of now i have a wig on and 8 braids underneath the wig. Sunday washday i will do another henna treatment with Brahmi powder and Amla Powder this time i will have pics of how to mix the powders and how to apply the mixture. Will get another set of cornrows for the next 2 weeks so at to remove them in time for my protein treatment i preparation for the Relaxer touch up till then laters.

hugs n kisses


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