Monday, 21 July 2014

Washday Memoirs with a Henna treat

hey beauties

hope you all had a lovely weekend. I had one busy hectic one and it being a very important weekend to me my dads 6th memorial since he was promoted to Glory six years ago, I had to make a plan to make sure i was spending the day with my family and celebrating his life. At the same time i wanted to do a Henna treatment and have waited so long to do one.

Eventually i made a plan Saturday night was my usual prepoo and prep for washday routine.
- Coconut oil prepoo : warmed up 2 tablespoons of EVCO then did a scalp massage for 3 to 5 minutes it was the last day of the inversion method so did my 4 minutes inverted then soon after i wore my shower cap, satin scarf and satin bonnet on top.
- prepared the Henna mixture i added a tablespoon of Jamaican Black Castor oil, a tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 1 egg york and 100ml of green tea. Mixed the ingredients till it formed a smooth paste and let it stand overnight
- Next morning i rinsed out the coconut oil with luke warm water then shampoo using a sulphate free shampoo the ORS Invigorating sulphate free shampoo with Rosemary and mint
-i did a quick green tea rinse i am trying to minimize a lot of shedding like i experienced in my last stretch.
-I went on to apply the henna in sections then when my whole head was covered i put some cling wrap on the a shower cap my satin scarf and the wig to prepare for dads Memorial.
The drive to the farm was 1 and half hours and then the service took another 2 - 3 hours so had the henna on for just over 4 hours and just before lunch i rinsed it out and put some moisturizing conditioner after 6 thorough rinses.
-I used the Beautiful textures Rapid Repair conditioner for another 2 hours as i wanted to get home and finish doing my hair there.
-i later went on to rinse the conditioner out and t shirt dried to take out all the excess water then i air dried and before bed time as tired as i was detangled my hair as the knots are becoming crazy by the day deeper into my stretch, put in my usual leave ins

Overall i enjoyed the Henna experience and will surely try to do one Henna treat every month. My hair feels stronger and looks darker. Washday wasnt exactly a breeze as last weekends because of the ups and downs i had to do. I am happy i got to pamper my hair at the same time i was remembering my dad on this special day MHSRIP.


The Wash Day Experience

Have a great day all

hugs n hugs


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