Tuesday, 12 May 2015


Hello ladies!!!

I have been MIA on the hair updates scene. Been busy with 'life issues' but I'm back and glad to say I have been looking after my hair. Hope you and your hair journeys have been going well not forgetting the main goal is to have healthy hair.

March marked my 2 YEAR HAIR-VERSARY and I am beyond amazed at how far I have come in such a short period of time.  I started out my hair journey with unhealthy thin bone-straight breaking relaxed hair that was a little neck  length. Today I still relax, but NOT bone straight. I now texlax My hair is at bsb length below shoulder blade  and I am well on my way to hopefully reaching my goal length of bra strap  length hair.  I have learned so much about what it takes to grow and maintain healthy hair from those that have successfully completed their own hair journeys.  Great reads are Grow It by Chicoro, and The Science of Black hair by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy.  I think it was so beneficial early on to gain knowledge and inspiration from ladies on the long hair care hair boards. One of the best is k-i-s-s-.biz (also know as Keep it Simple Sista), Hairlista and Grow African hair long.  I always say the best thing you can do for your hair is to educate yourself on healthy hair care! Learn what products you need to avoid, what styles to avoid and mechanical devices cause damage to hair. Learn how CRITICAL the moisture content of your hair is.  Once you realize the impact this has on the health of your hair, dropping certain practices and adding new ones to your regimen will become a no-brainer. Today I LOVE my hair and I NEVER thought I would be able to utter the words.  If I can grow my hair long and strong ANYBODY can.  I always thought long healthy relaxed hair was unattainable if you have had short damaged hair all your life like I did.  This simply is not true.  If you are displeased with the health and condition of your hair, relaxed or natural, take an active approach in caring for it yourself.  If that means ditching your hair dresser then so be it! Black women's hair was made to grow to great lengths just as women's hair of any other race.  I have posted Pics of my progress over the past two years.  I hope you will find it inspiring and proof that educating yourself will allow you to achieve anything : ) 

 I eventually texlaxed my hair 4 weeks ago at 15 weeks post relaxer, 2 weeks ahead of schedule I could not keep up with my new growth as I had braids In for 8 weeks. I had attempted to stretch my relaxer which went well for a while but at 15 weeks, the tangles were becoming too much to handle I am currently 1 month post relaxer and enjoying the texture my hair has. I have a started on my winter regimen. Cornrows, wigging green house effect deep conditioning weekly and moisturizing and sealing effectively. I am grazing bra strap length now. If you are going to attempt to stretch your relaxers, its best to start slowly to give you time to adjust and learn how to handle it. You can start by adding a week or two for every stretch. Look out for a post on the benefits of stretching relaxers coming soon.

Happy Growing!



    Having featured you on my blog,and been in a group with you, I am very much aware of how your hair used to be and you are a looooong, looooong, long way away from there. Glad to have gotten a post from you. Looking forward to seeing you on the regular now.

    Stay Blessed!

  2. Welcome back!!! Hope you are now blogging more :)

    Congrats on grazing BSL, you are inspiring to keep pushing on my rebooted journey.

    Errm there's a group? Add me, add me :D

  3. Hey Miranisa i am baaaackkkk just still a little busy but will be a bit more regular and will get better. I miss the groups but am coming back sooon lol.

    @Yvette thanks girl you inspire me because you never give up, will get Miranisa to get you added to the group you will enjoy

    tThanks again ladies


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