Monday, 14 July 2014

Washday memoirs @ 13 weeks post relaxer

 Hey all 
 Hope you had a pleasant weekend.
  • Pre-pooed: Since I am on the Hairlista Coconut oil challenge i used extra virgin coconut oil for overnight on my scalp and my strands. I detangled hair in four sections for about a full hour trying to negotiate with the thick new growth then I massaged my scalp with warm coconut oil for about 5 minutes and put my hair under a shower cap, wrapped my satin scarf and added my satin bonnet on top to secure my cap for the night.
  • Shampoo cleansing: Aftera warm water rinse  I cleansed with ORS HaiRepair Invigorating Sulphate Free shampoo. was not to sure weather to use my ORS creamy aloe shampoo for clarifying but i just had it out just in case. I rinsed twice and went straight into applying the Aphogee keratin 2 minute reconstructor i put my shower cap for 2 minutes with a hot towel on top rinsed out then quickly applied the Aphogee Balancing moisturizer for 2 minutes this time i didnt use a cap i rinsed it out thoruoghly then t shirt dried my hair. I did this step because i felt my hair was'nt strong enough when i did the protein treatment last washday.
  • Deep Conditioned: After the mini protein corrective treatment i went on to do a moisturizing Deep Conditioner. and i definately needed a steam treatment. I used the Elasta QP DPR remoisturizing conditioner and mixed it with a tablespoon of Beautiful textures rapid repair conditioner and added a teapoon of JBCO and EVCO and steamed for 30 minutes using my thermal spa steaming cap. I let my hair cool for about 5 minutes from the steam treatment and then rinsed with luke warm water then did an apple cider vinegar rinse as my final rinse.
Leave Ins, Drying, moisturizing and sealing : I t-shirt dried for 20 minutes then sprayed the Aphogee keratin and green tea restructurizer then continued to airdry for another hour as my hair has become thicker and the new growth was a mission to get it to dry i have put myself on a no heat challenge till relaxer day so no blow drying at all. After my hair was dry  i applied Cantu shea butter leave in repair cream. I then oiled my scalp with coconut oil and sealed with Hot six oil. Left my hair in a two strand twist out and went to bed. 

Am pretty pleased with the results they were quite good. My hair and especially my new growth felt more moisturized than it had since last washday. There was minimal shedding though i skipped my black tea and green tea rinse, but noticed i had a few knots in the middle maybe because the hair there is way more thicker now i need to be patient when detangling next time.Otherwise i enjoyed this washday it was a breeze and very relaxing too.
 Please share how your washday experience went. 

The Wash Day Experience


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  1. Hassle free wash days are the best. Im still loving your updo!
    I nominated you for a Sunshine Blogger Award :-). The details are here >

    1. Bee I agree with you hey, you grow to love your hair more. Thanks a span it was a first try updo and got it right first time too. Thank you very much for the nomie girl.


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